Privacy Policy

Non refundable

Valid for people between 30 and 70 years of age.

Married people should travel with their spouse, and couples in a free union for two years or more should also travel together.

This program does not apply to people who do not have a job with a salary, or for people who work in the tourism industry, cruises, hotels or airlines.

This vacation benefit is not valid for groups. A group consists of two or more occupied rooms with families or friends traveling together, and/or two or more couples, traveling during the same vacation period, even when reservations have been made separately.

Air/land transportation to the chosen destination is not included, these expenses are responsibility of the client.

Extra expensives ie. Phone calls from the hotel, spa, tours, excursions, transportation, laundry service, beach cabanas, romantic dinners are not part of the benefits and the client must pay for the extra services.

At the time of check-in, an official ID and a credit card will be request.

This promotion is an invitation to stay with our affiliate vacational clubs to get to know its vacation concept, and to enjoy the service and quality of its affiliated hotels. You are getting a preferential rate from the vacational club.

This promotion includes a club tour and the member´s presentation including a breakfast the next day after your check in. The time of the presentation is between 90 minutes to 120 minutes. Making use of this promotion does not obligate you to purchase, hire or contract any service.

In the case that the client do not assist to the presentation the hotel will apply the charge for the difference between the rate paid and the rack rate available.

Go Travel Club is not responsible for additional expenses caused by accidents, delays or natural events, or for airline tickets or any other type of transportation, or expense associated with it.

We will provide you a confirmation letter with the terms and conditions of the package including the breakfast and presentation, this letter must be sign by the client and travelers.